Interesting clothes and what they mean – good sides and bad sides of innovations with garment.

Our clothes express our feelings and ways of thinking. Colours, shapes or even words putted on clothes say something about us and about what we like and what we don’t like. Custom T-shirt with interesting text on it is wanted now. The sign can be funny or unexpecting. They can be associated with popular TV-series or mems, but also with situation in politics or firm, all depend on author’s imagination.

fashionably dressed woman

Autor: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode
Many nowadays projects are connected with landscapes or cities, so we can have a nice custom printing nyc or Los Angeles or Paris and so on. Garment with interesting and unusual titles have become famous. In the Republic of Poland there is a whole line of national T-shirts withmighty hussar, The Warsaw Uprising, bear Wojtek all of them are well made,so firm sells them in thousands.

Not only in the period of celebration the important date of some action, but also in different occasions. Trousers with custom printing nyc or other recognisable place are ordinary, T-shirts with national symbolics are more significant. However they could be related with one determinate part of society, more traditional and conservative and be taken as a part of organisation self-awareness.

Goths, Metals, cheerers of football teams all of them have got their own dress-code. Colours or texts which helps recognise a adherent of ours or different group, these sort of participating are a part of our psychological need of group acceptation.


Autor: Mike Mozart
Clothing give us a possibility to present ourselves and managed with our feelings.

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If we wear black clothes with bright items that may mean we like to be seem as a a person who think in the different way and with some creativity, that we don’t like boring standards.

If we have garment which is connected with army, that means we love or need discipline or some hard rules that we may based our lives, bright and pink colours announce that we are happy and maybe a bit childish (it depends on the situationcondition). Many of us like different clothes, however we have to remember that they are only creation of that how we see ourselves in front of people and in front of ourselves.