What is the secret of sneakers’ success?

For the last few years, sneakers were greatly famous. Men and females all over the word have been wearing sneakers not only in the gym, but as a part of their everyday outfit. Girls wear nike sneakers both with casual dresses and elegant stylizations. Furthermore, you can be more than sure that within the next years sneakers still are going to be very trendy. I personally believe, that sneakers will remain fashionable for a minimum 2-3.


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Why those type of shoes are so greatly famous? What is the secret of the success?Answer seems to be rather simple – sneakers (comment on hand) became that fashionable, that everyone wanted to have at least one pair of these shoes. Nonetheless we shouldn’t pretend that such fashion emerged only out of the need of comfort. It might have been mostly an effect of cooperation of companies which produce sneakers and fashion designers.

As they were these people that is going to be fashionable, they convinced us that sport shoes could look good with any type of outfit. And they were apparently right! We might see sneakers even in the fashion collection of such famous brand as Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has contributed to the collection by combining sneakers together with sexy dresses. Definitely, it is not the only case of sneakers visible on global catwalks. However this one seems to be the best example – if even Chanel included sport shoes in its collections, other designers have no other option but to follow.

Nevertheless, it is not the only way in which sport producers promote their shoes. a lot of of them pay famous singers or sportsmen, to wear as well as promote their brand.Nonetheless, there is interesting exception. You presumably already know new balance sneakers (help/support). They are greatly fashionable because its modern designs and genius colours’ combination. Autor:

That brand managed to be greatly successful without paying anybody to promote their sneakers. These money, instead of being spent on promotion, are being used for another research and development. Because of this, new balance sneakers have extremely high quality and guarantee big comfort for feet. Probably this is the main reason that explains why the brand has many loyal buyers and fans, even withouth using an extensive advertising.